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Everyone wants their wedding day to be an occasion they remember for many years to come, a day where everything is perfect and distinctly unique to their own tastes and preferences. What better way to achieve this than with personalised wedding umbrellas to add that extra touch of elegance and class to your special day?

La Bella Wedding Umbrellas offers a convenient and efficient personalisation service, where we provide you with your very own personalised wedding umbrellas for enhancing the overall aesthetic of your wedding ceremony and reception.

Monogramming your wedding umbrellas with your names or initials and even a phrase is a popular way to add another layer of personalisation to your wedding – not to mention, it will make for a special memento of your day afterwards.

How does our personalised wedding umbrella service work?

La Bella Wedding Umbrellas can monogram your design in one colour (PMS only), either directly onto a panel of your umbrellas, or onto the umbrella sleeve. Our prices are as follows:

  • Artwork fee and film set up charge: $150.00
  • Print cost per umbrella panel or sleeve: $3.50

 Additional information:

  • Minimum print quantity: 50 umbrellas or sleeves.
  • Requires 7-day production time prior to dispatch.
  • Prices above exclude the cost of the umbrellas.

Why us?

At La Bella Wedding Umbrellas, our top priority is to make sure your wedding day is a special one. We achieve this by offering a carefully curated selection of over 100 premium quality wedding umbrellas specially designed to keep your wedding party and your guests protected from the elements – rain, hail or shine.

Choose from our traditional all white and all black umbrellas, or opt for tartan, gold, or even frilled wedding umbrellas.

Our umbrellas are not only the best quality in Australia, but La Bella also supplies more styles, colours and features than any other umbrella company in the market; with a whole host of exclusive promotions and discounts available as well.

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